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Full Lip Or Lip Liner Procedure

The permanent lip color procedure may be performed as full lip color or may also be performed as just lip liner enhancement to the vermilion rim of the lips to give back the definition lost due to aging. Using color blending techniques the lips can be made to appear much fuller.

Jaudon uses a blended technique to give a fuller look without the harsh appearance to the lips . Jaudon believes that in Permanent Makeup as well as art, blending is everything and when permanent lip color is done correctly from an artistic perspective, it looks much more natural than conventional lipstick and stays on.

Procedure times:

Blended Lip Liner – 1.5 hrs

Full Lip Color – 2 hrs

All clients are medically numbed for comfort during procedures . There is very little if any down time.

This is the lip liner job that
some technicians do

This is my blended lip liner,
and the correct way it should appear.

The difference is artistic ability and skill.

Immediately After


Totally Healed


Totally Healed


Totally Healed



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