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Common Questions and Answers

Q: Who applies the permanent cosmetics?

A: All procedures should be performed by a technician who is properly certified in Permanent Makeup and preferably and Artist with advanced training and years of experience in this field

Q: What if I want to change my makeup?

A: We work with your natural facial features to enhance them to their fullest. This natural look allows you to apply normal cosmetics over your “Permanent Makeup” for color variety. Therefore, without any applied makeup, you are always naturally enhanced.

Q: How long does it take?

A: The topical anesthetic takes 30 minutes to numb the area. More than one area can be numbed at one time. The procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours per area to pigment for a total average time of 1 to 2.5 hours total . Areola repigmentation or scar camouflage procedures takes approximately 1-2 hours

Q: Is it painful?

A: A topical anesthetic is applied prior and, if needed, during each procedure to numb the epidermis reduce any discomfort and to promote relaxation. Every client is different, some will feel vibrating or scratching, and some will feel nothing at all. Some clients feel a slight prickly sensation to no feeling at all. However, I am very sensitive to your discomfort and will do my best to make your experience pleasant and relaxing. I use medical grade anesthetics and they work very well

Q: How safe is it?

A: Technicians must follow strict hygiene and sterilization procedures that conform to OSHA and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines. By using only disposable tools, our clients know that anything that touches them has never been touched by anyone else. Also, MRI safe hypo-allergenic pigments containing no fragrances, emollients or other irritants are used during the procedure.

Q: Is it expensive?

A: Permanent makeup is a beautiful investment in yourself. Prices range depending on the area that is being accented and what you are trying to achieve. It is comparable to what most women spend on hair styling, hair color, “perms” and normal maintenance. Included is: a personalized consultation to determine your most flattering look, color matching, preparation (shaping and tweezing, if necessary), and an aftercare kit. Considering the “Permanent Makeup” lasts for years before a “touch up” is needed, it is relatively inexpensive, ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on what exactly one would like done.

Q: How long will it last?

A: Some people will need a touchup in 2-6 years depending on the original color selection (darker colors last longer). Everyone is different. Results will depend on age, skin tone, the exfoliation process, over exposure to the sun, body chemistry and the degree of care taken to maintain the procedure.

Q: What happens after the procedure?

A: There may be slight tenderness or swelling which will subside quickly. Most people resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. Detailed aftercare instructions are provided and reviewed before and after each procedure

Q: Is it like a tattoo?

A: Yes, they are both permanent and have some of the same qualities, yet it is very different. Only specialists in micro-pigmentation can perform this procedure on the face; tattoo artists cannot. Wake Up To Makeup uses only the techniques, tools and pigments that are specially designed for micro-pigmentation procedures making it safe and sterile. Permanent makeup clinicians also use effective topical anesthetics that are allowed for micro-pigmentation. They also use instruments that are much more delicate in design that provides natural-looking results and much less discomfort.

Q: How are the colors and shapes determined?

A: A wide range of colors is available to suit your color preferences. Some women desire a natural effect using softer colors while others prefer the more dramatic effect of bolder ones. The exact colors and shapes you desire, alternatives, and results you can expect will be fully discussed during your consultation. And for clients with sensitive skin, a patch test can be done.

Q: I would like to have Lasik Eye surgery, can I still have permanent eyeliner?

A: Permanent makeup compliments Lasik eye surgery beautifully. You must consult with your Lasik Eye Doctor and obtain written permission prior to the permanent eyeliner procedure (if Lasik is going to be done prior to permanent makeup)

Q: How many colors are there to choose from?

A: There are endless possibilities! I will create a neutral or dramatic color depending on your preference. It is best to bring in your favorite colors to so we can match to your approval.

Q: Will permanent makeup fade over time?

A: Yes - The exposure to sunlight or UV light will fade permanent makeup. Your own body breaks down foreign substances over time when possible . The use of glycolic, Retin A and other wrinkle treatment products will have adverse effects on permanent makeup. With the proper care your permanent makeup should last for years.

Q: A while back I had a really bad Permanent Makeup procedure and I don't know what to do - Is there anything that can be done to correct it or to make it look better?

A: Permanent Make-up removal. Regrets and poor results.

Physicians have been using lasers to remove body tattoos for years, and are now seeing more patients needing correction and repair of their Permanent Make-up. As more and more women take advantage of not having to apply and reapply make-up on a daily basis, there will be those who regret the decision and those who simply got poor results due to an inexperienced or careless provider .

If there are regrets or poor results the good news is that it can be fixed. The lasers used for tattoo removal have a proven track record. They work. In the hands of a physician who knows the pigments and works closely with a Permanent Make-up Artist removal of the pigment can be completed in just a few sessions. You should only chose a physician who has experience with Permanent Make-up removal. Certain pigments, particularly those that are light or flesh colored can actually change to dark green or even black when the wrong laser frequency is applied. Several different lasers may be necessary to achieve good a result which is why finding the right physician is important.

Laser treatments can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but areas to be treated can be numbed for a pain free experience. After the treatment there may be some redness and minor swelling. It is not uncommon for a small amount of scabbing to result, but this should heal in just a few days. You should schedule a follow-up appointment with the physician in four weeks to determine if further treatments will be necessary. Generally, a minimum of four weeks is required between treatments to allow the skin to heal well without causing scarring.

At my office at The Parker Skin & Aesthetic Clinic in Beachwood, Ohio we have the experienced physicians and lasers necessary to help. Click here to schedule a consultation.

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