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Local and nationally known intradermal technician for permanent cosmetic and medical makeup.

By Alison Nottingham
November 16, 2009, 8:15PM

Jaudon Sunde - Permanent Cosmetic and Mecial Makeup technician

Have you ever wished that you could cut your makeup application time down in half?  Or, do you steer clear of the pool in the summer, the sauna, water sports, biking, other physical activities, or public gyms for fear of your makeup running off?  Alternatively, do you have a boastful birthmark that you wish you could just abolish?  A blemish?  Or, a permanent scar as a result of a previous operation?  Jaudon Sunde, a local and nationally known intradermal technician, has stopped counting her procedures after 8,000 patients. She explains how she covers both cosmetic permanent makeup as well as medical makeup at three different northeast Ohio locations.

“Its not the same as body tattooing” Jaudon starts.  She uses digital computerized equipment with medically MRI safe products and pigments that are 50% organic derived color from plants.  The chance of an allergic reaction to this pigment is 0.002%, which is incredibly low.  The technology for the intradermal industry is very advanced.

The equipment she uses penetrates the third and forth layer of the skin for the procedures to last longer, as opposed to a regular tattoo parlor.  In her application, the color doesn’t sit at the surface of the skin for it to come off that easily.  Jaudon expresses that “the biggest compliment I get is when someone doesn’t know I am wearing permanent makeup”.  Her eyeliner is 7 years old, never touched up.  Her eyebrows and lips have lasted 5 years before a minor enhancement.  Although the duration of the permanent makeup is quite standard in the industry, Jaudon clarifies that every body is different.  Once the color is implanted, one person’s body metabolizes it differently than another’s.  Regardless, move over Maybelline, this is extended wear makeup!

When asked what her most common cosmetic procedure was, Jaudon mentions that it is the eyebrows, which is also the most common procedure industry wide.  Nearing a close second is eyeliner.  Contrary to the popular assumption, amongst most of her patients, that the eyeliner application will hurt, Jaudon explains that most people just build up that fear in their mind.  They are most apprehensive about this particular procedure due to the thought of a needle approaching their eye.  But in reality, Jaudon describes the technique as something that tickles (with a topical anesthesia applied, of course).  The healing process for the eyelids is quick.  The lips, however, are a much larger area with a different tissue.  Therefore, that application takes longer to heal.

Jaudon's Office Setting
Jaudon's office setting

In addition to the aesthetics and convenience of having permanent makeup for eyebrows and eyeliner, there are a number of patients (men and women) that visit Jaudon for medical reasons.  Jaudon treats a lot of individuals that have been through chemotherapy and radiation.  “The eyebrows just don’t grow back, or they do just really sparse.  I also help alopecia patients, those with an autoimmune disease where the hair doesn’t grow on their body at all.  Trichotillomania patents pull their hair and eyelashes out.  So, I’ll apply eyeliner on them as well”.  Jaudon frequently donates her time to eyebrows for someone that has had chemotherapy.  She doesn’t even keep track of how much time she has dedicated toward these procedures.  The time is recorded, of coarse, per client and per chart.  But, the total of hours of time?  Jaudon can’t even recall.

I didn’t find it surprising that the largest demographic in her personal practice were those individuals in their middle 40’s.  If I had unlimited resources and spent decades applying my makeup, I would find an easier and faster approach as well!  However, I was surprised to hear that she has a number of women that come in for cosmetic makeup even in the 80’s and upper 80’s.  Jaudon explained that the reason for patients of such an age is mostly more than just waking up with instant beauty.  “Your eyesight starts to change in your middle to late 40’s”, Jaudon mentioned. There is a woman she is currently working on that has degenerative eye disease and will be blind within the next year.  “ She came to me before going blind so she can see what her permanent makeup will look like before going blind.  When she comes back to me over the years, she can trust that it will look good.  That is very humbling.  The woman felt that she got her dignity back.  She felt like she could face the world and not ask for help from her husband to apply her makeup anymore”.   After placing makeup on her first blind patient within three months of graduating from intradermal school, Jaudon decided she wanted to take her career in this medical direction for the rest of her life.

In Jaudon’s personal practice, she mostly services permanent cosmetics.  Although she enjoys it, her heart lays with medical side.  She describes one patient she treated that had brain surgery earlier in life and had a full head of hair that hid his scars, at the time.  However, after aging and hair loss, he revealed the scars on his scalp.  “I camouflaged his scars so you couldn’t even tell.  The scar camouflage turned out really amazing.  There are a lot of people out there that need help that don’t even know something like this exists.  People can get help from a burn, a car accident, or even vitaligo”.  Jaudon also worked with a burn victim that had hypertrophic scarring.  She broke it down, loosened it, and then matched all of the skin graphs to one color.  “It’s the most rewarding”.

What are her future directions?  She spoke at the Ohio Board of Health about representing her industry in Ohio, she sits on the board for The Alliance for Safe Practice and is the spokesperson for the state of Ohio.  Jaudon is very involved with putting together the International Intradermal Board of Cosmetics and is very active and passionate about changing the laws of the industry.  She would like the industry to have more accountability and have more regulated laws for the public.

So, how do you set up your appointment?  You can visit Jaudon’s website: and click the ‘have Jaudon contact me’ page.  Literally, her PDA will buzz when you fill out the form (as I witnessed in our meeting)!  Although it may be her secretary that calls you back, she’ll be the first to know about your interest in her intradermal options.   After that, all of her clients are required to meet with her for a consultation before the actual procedure takes place.  She’ll discuss your medical records, review care instructions, and explain the after-care package in detail.  Jaudon will send you home with sterile packs of topical ointment and schedule a follow up with you before you leave. She currently works with seven doctors at three different Northeast Ohio locations: Beachwood, Strongsville, and Wooster.  Right now, she is offering a full-face permanent cosmetic discount especially for the holiday season.  See the advertisement below.

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